published at 12/05/2015

Executive Committee

Laurent Calot, CEO, Executive Committee President

Carsten Bange, EVP Business Intelligence and Data Management business unit

Frédéric Munch, EVP Digital Business & Services business unit

Michel Roux, Secretary-General & CFO

Christophe Châlons, Senior Vice President - Head of Research & Chief Analyst

Laurent Calot (50)

Chief Executive Officer

President of the Executive Committee

Laurent has more than 25 years’ experience in the analyst industry. He started his career in 1988 with Fujitsu/ICL's International Telecoms Unit in London and Paris as marketing and product manager. In 1991, he joined BIS Strategic Decisions as a senior consultant on mobile and aerospace-related applications. He then headed the Paris consulting branch of this research, analysis and consulting organization before joining Giga Information Group (created by G. Gartner) as Sales Director for Continental Europe. He then co-founded Giga Group, the European spin-off of Giga Information Group, where he was COO, Vice President Marketing and Sales. Upon the divestment of Giga Group's business and assets to Forrester Research in 2003, he took over as CXP's CEO in January 2004.

Laurent is a graduate in electronics and computing from EFREI and holds a master's degree in business administration.

Dr Carsten BANGE (42)

EVP Business Unit BIDM

Carsten is founder and Managing Director of Business Application Research Center (BARC), member of the executive board of CXP Group and Executive Vice President of CXP Group’s Business Intelligence and Data Management business unit. 

Carsten holds a PhD in management information systems, is a frequent speaker at IT conferences and seminars, and has worked as an analyst and management consultant on business intelligence and data management strategy, organization, architecture and technology selection for more than 15 years.

Frédéric MUNCH (40)

EVP Business Unit DBS

Frédéric has been working in the SITS industry for 20 years. After a first position at Alcatel as marketing manager, he joined the German subsidiary of PAC in 1996 as a consultant. Frédéric has held a variety of responsibilities at PAC, becoming CFO & COO of the group in 2001. Before becoming CEO of PAC Group in December 2011, he took over the management of the German subsidiary in 2009, a position in which he led the company through a phase of strong growth.

The merger with Le CXP in June 2014 was successfully initiated by Frédéric Munch and Laurent Calot, President of Le CXP. 

Frédéric is now board member of CXP Group. He brings with him a rich experience with PAC Group and an in-depth knowledge of the IT markets and its players in Europe.

Michel Roux (57)

Secretary-General and CFO

Michel has more than 25 years professional experience in the general management of independent companies or business divisions in the fields of software, communications, Internet, and digital security, both in the USA and in Europe.

Michel founded Thomson Broadband Systems, before managing the European activities of Scientific-Atlanta (now CISCO Consumer). He then joined Gemplus, a world leader in consumer digital security, where he created and developed the Internet security division. Based in Northern California, he founded Thinkpulse, Inc., specialized in embedded software for smart card terminals, before becoming the CEO of Streamcore, offering carrier-grade solutions to groom IP traffic Quality of Service. More recently, Michel Roux served as CEO of Advestigo, offering, over a SaaS platform, powerful solutions to protect copyright of multimedia assets traded over the Internet.

In his 10-year membership of the Executive Board of CXP SA, Michel has been in particular instrumental in designing and implementing the external growth strategy of the group, leading to its current first-tier position in Europe. He now acts as Secretary-General and CFO.

Michel graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, holds a Master of Mathematics from Paris University and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.


Christophe Chalons

Senior Vice President - Head of Research & Chief Analyst

Christophe Châlons has been working in the SITS industry since 1986 and joined PAC in 1989. Before taking on his role as Chief Analyst of the PAC Group in 2009, Christophe Châlons had been Managing Director of the Munich team since the launch of the German office in 1989. Under his direction, PAC Munich has developed into one of the leading market analysts and consulting partners of the German IT industry. Christophe Châlons is also member of the management board of the PAC Group, with a special focus on methodology, quality management and multi-national projects. As Vice President – Quality he is responsible for ensuring corporation-wide quality in customer-specific reports and consulting services as well as in the production and delivery of PAC’s renowned SITSI® program.

Christophe graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique de Nantes (now part of the “Ecole Centrale” Group), holds a Mechanical Engineering degree.