published at 26/05/2015


#1 European player in research and consulting dedicated to the software and IT services industry

The European software research and consulting market is extremely fragmented and dominated by global research firms whose offering is not properly adapted to local requirements and needs.

A compelling track record combined with a solid market footprint

CXP Group is the only group of its size (with about 150 professionals in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Romania, and some presence in the USA and India) with such a European footprint and offering.

CXP Group has a unique and comprehensive offering combining subscription-based access to content and market intelligence, market research and selected advisory services.

Uniquely positioned at the converging point of key driving forces

  • An unparalleled set of research and consulting capabilities to drive decisions and go-to-market strategies in a rapidly changing IT environment.
  • Increasing need for a local understanding of both vertical user needs and local vendors that the global, US-based players fail to properly address.
  • Significant demand for critical insight necessary to assess and adapt to the paradigm shift caused by rapidly expanding cloud-based IT.