News published at 29/02/2016


by Sascha Alexander

The idea behind the PAC Innovation Register is to provide businesses in the market with a unique opportunity to learn about best practices in their industry, as well as in others, in a comprehensive, structured manner. More than 90% of the 200 projects that have so far been analyzed and added by PAC since the register started in July 2015 are considered to be related to the topic of Industry 4.0. This is partially due to the current research and consulting focus at PAC, but also to the fact that the topic commands so much attention on the market that many businesses have become involved in it.

Great interest in smart services

All the projects are classified according to 40 criteria, including categories such as “industry focus”, “technology”, “portfolio” and “topic positioning”. In addition, the register contains PAC's notes on industry classification and geographical target markets. Based on this analysis, it became evident that currently about 30% of the projects involve transformation of products into smart services. This usually means integration of Internet of Things technologies into existing products and the associated expansion of these products’ versatility in terms of communications and functions.

To get a better idea of the register please take a look at a short video statement in which PAC analyst Andreas Zilch explains the IoT/Industry 4.0 maturity model that forms the basis of our evaluation, showing how data-driven developments lead to new business cases throughout the data and analytics phases.

Share your IoT/Industry 4.0 projects 

Please help us make the Innovation Register even more valuable and manifold in the coming months! Currently about 30 new case studies are incorporated into the register every month, and we would like to encourage you to continue sharing your interesting projects in the field of IoT/Industry 4.0! PAC analysts Andreas Zilch and Klaus Holzhauser would be happy to explain to you the benefits of this very special online service and how to participate!

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