published at 24/05/2012


Content-based services delivering value to our customers

  • We provide deep insights into emerging technologies and into current key enterprise application-related topics & solutions.

  • We give guidance – from strategy to execution – to IT users in a dynamic market that has been facing radical shifts of paradigm.

  • Last but not least, we help users enter and succeed in the digital era.

Ensuring a competitive edge for large and mid-market user companies

  • We provide our customers with first-hand information and informed opinions that help them think ahead of the competition.
    • Webinars, Forum CXP, BARC BI & CRM Forum @ CeBIT
    • Research notes (Executive Pack, Digital Pack)
    • Market reports
    • Surveys

  • We provide our customers with detailed and thorough benchmarking reports on software products that help them select with confidence the right solutions to align with functional requirements and business objectives.
    • BARC Access
    • Expert Services

  • We provide our customers with research insight reports that help them define and choose the best sourcing partner for IT services.
    • CxO Suppliers Evaluation
    • PAC Radar
    • IT Suppliers profiles