published at 12/05/2015

Benchmark reports

The benchmarking reports on software

The benchmarking reports on software are a set of documents that help customers

  • understand new IT trends as well as stakes and benefits of technologies and software solutions,
  • ease their decision-making process (buying process, optimization) while helping them make the right decisions,
  • gain time during the selection phase of their project (up to 90 man-days),
  • reduce the total cost of ownership of their projects.

The reports comprise:

  • an informed overview of the market (players, stakes),
  • detailed insights into the main software solutions, covering all the major players in an area (ERP, HR, BI, ECM, CRM, BPM, etc.) as well as many other, lesser-known vendors,
  • product characterizations, analysis of vendors and their strategies, as well as descriptions of each product’s architecture and front-end functionalities,
  • the products covered are also scored across a number of high-level criteria (technical, scalability, integration, etc.) and their strengths and weaknesses are highlighted,
  • a checklist of criteria (or an evaluation questionnaire) to help customers write their functional requirement specifications and RFP.

Our analysts are seasoned professionals supporting organizations in selecting software. As specialists with no affiliation to any software vendor, we are uniquely placed to share our expertise on the tools market from a strictly vendor-independent point of view.

The benchmark reports on IT suppliers

The benchmarking reports on IT suppliers (known as CxO - Strategic Supplier Evaluation) present findings from our annual user survey, in which IT decision makers in user companies all over the world are interviewed. These reports present the decision makers' view on their strategic suppliers of software and IT services.

Best practices

Homing in on the general, product-neutral survey findings, our best practices teach you the lessons learned from the world’s most successful software deployments, showing you how best to choose a product and the most important and relevant tool selection criteria.