published at 12/05/2015


We perform numerous surveys each year, including:

  • The BI Survey from BARC, the world’s largest annual survey among business intelligence software users.
  • The SITSI® User Survey from PAC, in which IT decision makers in user companies all over the world are interviewed.

If you are considering buying a software product, you need to know how other users and organizations rate it. Users’ sentiments about products, combined with our analysts’ opinions really give you the full picture.

BI Survey

The BI Survey provides a wealth of real-world data on the current state of the BI tools market as well as the comparative strengths and weaknesses of leading business intelligence tools and vendors.

The BI Survey comprises:

  • a report detailing the key findings from the BI Survey, supplemented by in-depth expert commentary. The BI Survey reveals how organizations select, implement and use BI tools, and what products lead the market across a range of key criteria including query performance, scalability and product support,
  • vendor performance summaries, an overview showing how real-world users currently rate each BI vendor and tool covered in the BI Survey, accompanied by conclusions written by our experienced team of BI analysts.

SITSI® User Survey

The "CxO Survey - Investment Priorities" Market InSight reports present the key results from our user survey, in which IT decision makers in user companies all over the world are interviewed annually to get their views on current IT trends, key requirements and investment plans.
The user survey sample set comprises companies with more than 100 employees, from all industries. The interviews are conducted with IT decision makers and other executives with IT responsibility.

We analyze the results by company size and differentiate between SMBs (100-500 and 500-1,000 employees) and large businesses (1,000+ employees).